Typical Naija Neighborhood – Does this happen in your neighborhood too?


Which kind neighborhood be diz? I tire for dem. E be like say monkey go comot house cun dey look for banana to steal for another corner. Na amebo be dia hobby. Person go jejely stay for him zone, anoda man go cun dey yarn rubbish.

NaijaTenant-Me and My Neighbors Typical Naija Neigborhood

Which kind human being go wake at 5-6am and start to dey play music dey disturb the entire neighborhood, Na bad thing be this. Na 24/7 dia second hand exhaust-like AC dey on. Even when serious rain dey fall. The AC noise fit give person sleepless night. Even if you complain, na gobe and osama u dey.

I no dey even follow eye look dem again, na do me I do you I dey plan do now. I dey sure say na the worst neighbors and neighborhood be diz.

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