This Week In Baseball: In Defense Of The All-Star Game

CBS Pittsburgh

By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

It?s that time of the year again baseball fans.

For the next two weeks we will hear the incessant complaining about the All-Star Game and the events surrounding it. Pundits will propose changes, radio hosts will ask for ways to make it more entertaining and we?ll all feed into it because this time of the year there?s not much else to do.

The problem with the All-Star Game isn?t the product being boring. It?s not that the league has tried to force meaning on what should in reality be a meaningless game (though this is a problem, it’s one we all accept). The problem is us as fans. We lost our sense of wonder somewhere along the way, our sense of fun.

The mid-summer classic is and always has been for entertainment purposes of the fans. When Arch Ward the editor of the Chicago…

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