Want to quit smoking? Ramadan is the best time



Riyadh: The Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia on Friday urged smokers to take

advantage of the holy month of Ramadan to quit smoking.

“The holy month of Ramadan is the best month for Muslims to quit smoking,

Health Ministry Spokesman Khalid Al-Mirghalani told Arab News on Friday.

Al-Mirghalani explained that Ramadan creates a conducive environment for

smokers to quit smoking since Muslims abstain from smoking from dawn to


He added that it would not be difficult for smokers to continue the

abstention from tobacco between the period from breakfast and Suhoor

(predawn meal).

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Emphasizing the spiritual side of the holy month, the official said: “The hand

that touches the holy Qur’an during the month, would definitely refuse to

touch tobacco.”

The spokesman said those interested in kicking the smoking habit can avail

themselves of the facilities and expertise available at 44 anti-smoking…

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